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Visit our vein clinic in East Lansing, MI for comprehensive vein treatment

The way you feel about your appearance is important. An unhealthy vascular system can cause bulging, discolored and painful veins that make you self-conscious. Fortunately, the solution to your vascular issues is within reach.

Total Vein Care Clinic provides comprehensive vein treatments to minimize the symptoms and appearance of varicose veins. At our East Lansing, MI vein and ultrasound clinic, a certified physician will assess your vascular system and pinpoint areas that cause you problems using noninvasive sonogram technology.


Cosmetic Vein Treatment

Get rid of varicose and spider veins with sclerotherapy.

Cosmetic Vein Treatment

Vascular Procedures

Total Vein Care Clinic offers vascular surgery to treat many vein issues.

Vascular Procedures

Same Day DVT Studies

Find out today if you're at risk with a DVT ultrasound.

Same Day DVT Studies

Ultrasound Services

A renal ultrasound is a noninvasive way to evaluate your veins.

Ultrasound Services

Noninvasive Vascular Disorder Detection

Our vascular ultrasound clinic can assess your veins for issues easily

How can vein treatment help you?

Total Vein Care Clinic offers vein treatments that reduce symptoms and treat the underlying cause of many painful and uncomfortable vein issues. At our vein clinic, we'll develop a treatment plan that will:

Reduce restless leg symptoms

Decrease swelling due to lymphedema

Reduce leg pain and increase mobility

Boost your self-confidence

Reach out to our vascular ultrasound clinic in East Lansing, MI to schedule your vein screening today.


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